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Surebet also known as sport arbitrage or arbitrage betting is a sure profit regardless of the outcome of the bet.

Sure Bet arises from the exchange odd difference between different bookmakers. By substituting the appropriate mathematical formula for the bet, we check whether Sure Bet occurs there, as well as calculate the amount of the next profit. Another mathematical formula allows us to calculate what odd should be bet (for example, let's choose tennis match Radwańska-Williams) on Radwańska’s winning with one bookmaker, and what odd on Williams’s winning with the second bookmaker. This creates SureBets.

Moreover a Sure Bet, and more specifically making money on sure bets requires from the player a lot of time as well as patience. Finding a sure bet on the Internet is a big challenge, because many websites have this product in their offer, among other things

After finding a sure bet, we have from several to several tens of minutes to place a bet. After this time, the sure bet is likely to disappear, because the bookmaker will change course after its detection. Sure bets with a high percentage of profit (above 10%) and those in which it was not enough time to start the meeting are available for the shortest time. Sure bets at 2-8% and the long term profit are generally available for a long time. Sure Bet can be found in almost every bookmaker, no matter what country it comes from, what kind of currency, or what kind of courses it offers. With thousands of available bookmakers on the network, we chose several dozen who are most likely to offer a sure bet.

All current sure bets visit can be found on the main page. List and links to bookmakers with plenty of sure bets are here.

Use our "Sure Bets calculator" to see whether in the given bet there is a SureBet, and calculate profit.

Surebets and Risk


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